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Lawn Fertilizer Companies in Phoenix, AZ

Just like humans, a healthy lawn requires just the right amount of food to keep it lush and green. At Advanced Environmental Services Landscape Maintenance we offer lawn fertilization well as a variety of professional residential and commercial landscaping services in North Phoenix and Northern Scottsdale, AZ that focus on the overall health of your lawn.

Fertilizing your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn helps build and enhance the root system which helps protect your yard from foot traffic, cold, heat and other stress factors such as lack of water, and disease.
In addition to water and sunshine, your grass needs to be fed to maintain its lush green color. From phosphorous to nitrates and potassium which are vital to ensuring a healthy lawn, we feed our bodies and our grass needs essential nutrients to survive too.

Benefits of fertilizing your grass

Fertilizer contains phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium which are vital to a healthy lawn that encourages leaf growth, reduces unsightly weeds and regenerating lost nutrients.
  • Nitrogen promotes rapid growth and leaf development
  • Phosphorous plays a crucial role in early development and stimulates blooming.
  • Potassium increases resistance to drought and disease 
Feed your lawns hunger, and it’ll show it’s appreciation with a green smile.

Why should I fertilize my lawn?

Over time a lawn will leech out its nutrients, from rain to irrigation, the water will carry the nutrients away leaving a nutrient deficient lawn unhealthy and susceptible to disease.
Fertilizer replenishes the nutrient supply giving your lawn the ability to resist disease, encourages leaf growth, prevents weed invasion and influences grass color.

Professional Landscaping Services

Founded in 2018, Advanced Environmental Services is no stranger to lawn care. Russ Hermann, the owner of Advanced Environmental Services, realized at an early age the personal gratification he received after completing a well-manicured lawn. Russ' passion for perfection continues to this day.

With a team of professional landscapers that share Russ’ passion for lawn care perfection, we offer over 30 years of combined landscaping experience.

Utilizing quality products, our professional lawn care technicians will have your lawn looking green and healthy in no time, and more importantly, we can help you keep it that way through routine lawn maintenance. To learn more about fertilizing your yard in North Phoenix and Northern Scottsdale, AZ and how your grass can benefit from fertilization, contact the Professional Landscapers at Advanced Environmental Services Landscape Maintenance or call 602-280-8912 to get started today!


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I just want to say so far WOW! Your team is amazing! Polite professional, hard working, asked to make sure stuff was how my hubby wanted it and they cleaned up not only what that had done but the mess from prior workers!!!

- Happy Customer

Advanced Environmental is a great company to work with. They truly have my best interest in mind.

- Peg L.

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